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ProCreate Beginning


My first drawings made using ProCreate. They're not the best but better than I expected given my art skills.

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Knowlege Management and CLUEA


A quick introduction into knowlege management but most importantly the explanation of the CLUEA knowlege management methodology.

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Marginal Analysis


An explanation of the micro economics marginal analysis covering exactly what it is with numbered examples and a more understandable definition.

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Logistic Map


A website dedicated to simpifying and explaining the operation of common building block circuits.

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For the love of circuits


A website dedicated to simpifying and explaining the operation of common building block circuits.

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Graduation 2020


A short post explaining my experience of Graduation during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Custom Domain


A simple tutorial for setting up a custom website URL from scratch. Here I use namecheap and netlify but the steps are almost identical for other domain registrar, SSL certificates and website hosts like goDaddy, cloudflare and gitHub Pages.

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KiCAD TM1640


A KiCAD footprint and model for the TM1640 LED driver board with download.

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Big 7 Seg Display


Here I designed a simple display board for easy use in projects using 16 7 segment displays driven by only two data lines.

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ResRat is a command line interface quick use tool that allows for fast resistor ratio selection. Useful for op-amp circuits, potential dividers and more.

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Circuit macros


A walkthrough of how to make the most beautiful circuit diagrams I have ever made. It's a little more complex than a GUI but worth it.

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LM399 Reference


A begining into the stability and volt chasing area of electronics constantly looking for more precise electronics here using an LM399 reference.

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Linear power supply V2


This is a look into the re-design of the previously mentioned and described powersupply design addressing issues found and how they were improved for the second version.

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Decisive interview victory


Given recent events, now is the most needed time to put work into your professional perception and get ready for acing job interviews in a soon to be extremely competative time.

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The New Website


As most of you will be aware, this is a new website, at least currently new. I thought i'd collate some thoughts over the new site and why some design and technical decisions were made.

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Home Ubuntu Server


Moving data between my PC and laptop soon gets tedious given no compatable usb ports between the two. After using git for moving almost everything I decided it was time to create a home file server.

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Linear power supply


After struggling for power for all project for years, constantly relying on bodging other power supplies, I decided to invest some time to create a small, precision variable power supply.

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Z80 Computer


As a honor to the ZX spectrum (and a tool to practice assembly), I decided to put some time into develloping a Z80 computer with RAM, ROM and external I/O. This is hopefully the first blog post of many around this project and this is the first update of progress.