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My name is Hamish Sams, I’m from the north east of England and am currently studying for a MEng in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield but specialise in the electronics side of things. I’m interested in embeded system design and spend a lot of my spare time doing projects that reflect this, I not only do the hardware side of things, including PCB design and manufacture, but I design software systems too. This has developed my skills in general engineering design and as a result have been hired in the past to repair such systems in an engineering environment. I have also spent time at the University of Sheffield teaching the art of embeded system software development to students from a EEE background which directly lead to societies and events requesting my help for system design in their projects. After spending most of my time around microprocessors I’ve recently started to research FPGA embeded system design for large data flow systems and will hopefully pursue this to an equal degree. Despite working with low level systems, I originated from a high level programming background and as of such I have extensive experience in a range of languages from assembly language to Javascript with emphasis on C for low level design and C# for high level design. I worked during my second year at university as a backend website programmer and as of this worked heavily with PHP and SQL and continue to use these skills but only as a hobby. Hopefully pulling these skills together I can continue heading towards my goal of a CEng from the IET.


I’m currently volunteering as an organiser and treasurer of Hack Sheffield which is a society that puts on hackathons throughout the year for students from around the world to compete against each other to build the most exiting software and hardware systems. These hackathons are sponsored by large and small companies to make it free for out attendees. Previous sponsors include Microsofts Github, Captial one and Sky betting and gaming. On top of organising these I’ve also attended such events from Edinburgh to Eindhoven. These events are perfect to practice working in small groups to produce a system in a mildy formal environment.


I’ve spent a fair bit of time working around cleanrooms from semiconductor design and manufacture (creating things such as LED’s and SAW filters). On top of this I’ve worked at GSK designing the cleanroom processes to create pharmaceuticals that are sold across the world from the Barnard Castle Aseptic class A filling site. This means I’ve spent a lot of time working with industry standard systems such as PCS7 and SAP which required a GSK homebrew interaction system (MES) to completely remove paper from the site.


In my spare time I enjoy baking bread for friends and family. I make it by hand without a mixer or expensive ingredients trying to reverse the effects of the Chorleywood process on the UK’s bread production. I bake all kinds of bread from traditional baguettes to soft tamarind and sesame bread. I love experimenting with all kinds of bread flavours and processes to create the perfect bread. Although I’m yet to make the perfect sourdough. I also spend one day a week (when I’m free) volunteering at DOS a well renowned performing arts society from the north east that puts on two semi-professional shows a year at the Darlington Hippodrome (recently renamed from Darlington Civic).
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Last updated:13/08/2018

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